Three IHACC Students Selected to Present at Harvard Health Conference

Almost one month ago, students from the IHACC lab presented at the Inaugural Forum of Population Health Equity hosted by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The conference ran from September 9th to September 11th, with keynote speakers including David Stuckler (Cambridge), Nancy Adler (UCSF), Jussi Vahtera (University of Turku), David Williams (Harvard University) and more. The director of the Forum, Dr. Ichiro Kawachi, brought together leading researchers from around the world to present and share ideas about social determinants of health. Key ideas covered at the Forum ranged from macroeconomic shocks to the role of economic policies that shape population health, as well as neighborhood level effects like housing and race that play a role in health outcomes.

Three IHACC students comprised the GEEL team selected from a competitive pear-review process to present posters on a variety of interdisciplinary topics.

First year Epidemiology Master’s Student Sierra Clark presented findings from an ongoing project on her poster entitled “Acute gastrointestinal illness in an African Indigenous Population: The lived experience of Uganda’s Batwa.”

Kaitlin Patterson, an Epidemiology PhD student working on the food security of Batwa pygmies and climate adaptation strategies, presented her poster “Assessing severity and scale of food insecurity among the Batwa of Kanungu.”

Lastly, Sarah MacVicar, a Master’s Student in Geography working on the potential effects of climate change on maternal and child health, presented her poster “The intersection of Climate and Culture: A mixed methods study of seasonal trends in birth weight in Kanungu District, Uganda.”

All three students found the conference engaging and hope to prepare projects for next year’s conference.