Sarah MacVicar presents at GMNHC 2015

Berrang Ford lab member Sarah MacVicar recently returned from presenting her research at the Global Maternal and Newborn Health Conference (October 18th-21st). This conference drew researchers and practitioners from around the globe to Mexico City, a conference site selected due to the impressive strides Mexico has made in advancing maternal and newborn health. Sarah’s abstract was selected from over 2700 submissions for a poster presentation in which she outlined some of the early findings from her research on birth outcomes and climate change in Kanungu District.

The timing of the conference is noteworthy considering the recent passing of the Sustainable Development Goals, and it served as a platform not only for the presentation of novel epidemiological and clinical research, but also as an opportunity for maternal and newborn health agenda setting. Three key themes were highlighted as ongoing priorities in the field: monitoring and evaluation of quality of care, better integration of care, and equitable coverage to help the most vulnerable mothers and babies.

Mexico City