IHACC Student Sierra Clark Receives McGill Global Health Award

IHACC student Sierra Clark received one of two Norman Bethune Awards for Global Health at Global Health Night on November 3rd. Sierra’s current research examines cardiovascular impacts of indoor air pollution and success of improved cook stove interventions to reduce exposure. This award will help Sierra to conduct field research in rural areas of China. Congratulations Sierra!

Established in 2015, the Dr. Norman Bethune award is awarded annually to a McGill Graduate Student or Postdoctoral Fellow (Faculty of Medicine) to support travel for research projects or clinical electives in a low-resource (international or northern Canada) setting. Dr. Norman Bethune (a Royal Victoria Hospital physician) was known due to his selfless acts to bring modern medicine to rural China in the midst of the Second Sino-Japanese war. Current students dedicated to making an impact in the global health are encouraged to apply for this prestigious award.