CIHR team grant awarded to Dr. Sherilee Harper et al. for the project Climate Change IFS3

Last December, the project ‘Climate Change and Indigenous Food System, Food Security, and Food Safety (Climate Change IFS3)’ was awarded  CIHR’s Environments and Health team grant. The project was led by our colleague Dr. Sherilee Harper, based at University of Guelph. Climate Change IFS3 will be funded for a 5-year period, and will build upon community partnerships with Inuit (Canada), Batwa (Uganda), and Shawi (Peru) populations that were established throughout IHACC’s research program.

Climate Change IFS3 has 3 research pillars:

  1. Community-driven environment and health surveillance,
  2. Projecting climate change impacts on agri-health outcomes, and
  3. Developing place-based adaptation pathways.


A full description of the proposed project can be found here