Check out our most recent publication by McGill undergraduate student, Finola Hackett: “Incorporating Scale Dependence in Disease Burden Estimates: The Case of HAT in Uganda”: Find Article by Clicking Here!! Since the 1990s the World Health Organisation has established the disability-adjusted life year (DALY) as a metric for the burden of human disease and injury. However, disease burden has primarily been estimated at the national scale, which does not account for sub-country variations in burden levels. We used the case of human African trypanosomiasis (HAT), a highly focal NTD, in Uganda to calculate and map burden in DALYs. Our results show that HAT burden isRead More →

Congratulations to former lab member, Jaime Lundine, for her success in co-founding “Spatial Collective”; A Nairobi-based social enterprise that uses Geographic Information Systems for community development, data collection and visualization. Jaime did her honours thesis in 2008-2009, focusing on a systematic and quantitative review of conflict as a determinant of sleeping sickness occurrence in sub-Saharan Africa! Way to GORead More →

Check out this en français news article on the research done by Lea Berrang-ford and James Ford on indigenous adaptations to climate change in Peru, Uganda and the Arctic in the environment section of Le Devoir online Newspaper  Read More →

Joseph Lewnard (PhD,Yale Univ.) 2013 Valerie Hongoh (PhD, Univ. Montreal) 2012 Alexandra Lesnikowski (MA Planning, University of British Columbia) 2012 Michelle Maillet (MA Geography, McGill) 2012 Mya Sherman (MA Geography, McGill) 2012 Alicia Rolin (US National Institutes of Health Research Training Award) 2012 Jaclyn Paterson (Environmental Health Specialist, Climate Change and Health Division, Health Canada) 2011 Carolyn Poutiainen(McGill Faculty of Law, law school) 2011 Aidan Findlater (University of Western Ontario School of Medicine, med school) 2011 Annelise Miller (McGill Faculty of Medicine, med school) 2011 Kelly Garton (University of British Columbia Global Health Research Program, MSc) 2011Read More →

Consuelo ErrázurizIHACC Project Manager, Consuelo Errazuriz, will be moving on and joining a research team at the McGill Douglas Mental Health University Institute as full-time Project Manager. Best wishes to Consuelo, who will be warmly missed by the IHACC research teams in Canada, Peru, and Uganda.Read More →

Edited book, “Climate change adaptation in developing nations: from theory to practice” now available on Springer’s website. This 36 chapter edited volume, published in 2011, profiles examples of adaptation planning from across developed nations. Authored by leading scientists and policy makers, the book is organized around 7 sections: Section I: Introduction and overview; Section II: Climate change adaptation in the public health sector; Section III: Climate change adaptation in the industrial sector; Section IV: Climate change adaptation in the urban environment; Section V: Climate change adaptation in the agricultural sector; Section VI: Climate change adaptation in rural and resource dependent communities; and Section VII: FutureRead More →